You protect your clients, be sure you’re protected.

Get discounted errors and omissions insurance protection through URL Insurance Group.

We live in a litigious society where any professional can be sued. At URL, we want to help you defend your reputation and your business should an allegation arise. That’s why we are offering discounted errors and omissions insurance for all of the business you write through us.* $50 covers you through 10/31/2021!1

Features included in the policy:2

Per occurrence maximum coverage: $1,000,000
Aggregate lifetime maximum coverage: $2,000,000
Deductible: $5,000 (subject to policy deductible)

If you would like coverage, please follow one of the links below to make payment.

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Pay with Check(print and fill out form then mail to URL)

1 This only provides protection to the producer for business placed through URL Insurance Group. The cost of the errors and omissions coverage will be pro-rated quarterly throughout the year. Original cost is $150.

2 The Preferred Producer Coverage does not provide coverage for any transaction that are not placed directly through the names insured. You must have a certificate of coverage issued by Gallagher in order for coverage to trigger under the endorsement. Failing to do so , will result in coverage issues should a claim occur. The Preferred Producer Coverage does not provide coverage for “Prior Acts” and may not be sufficient to satisfy “Prior Acts” requirements of an individual producer’s coverage. Coverage may terminate at any time, without notification, by the sole discretion of the named Insured or Everest Indemnity Insurance Company. Coverage is only provided for business written through the named insured and where the Insurance carrier holds an B+ or better A.M. Best rating at the time business was written.