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Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Life Happens coordinates Life Insurance Awareness Month, an industry-wide campaign aimed at educating Americans about the importance of life insurance and helping them get the coverage they need.

Professional race car driver and athlete, Danica Patrick, returns as the 2017 celebrity spokesperson. She is a passionate about staying fit in all aspects of her life, and has a great message for consumers, saying, “As a race car driver and athlete, being fit is important to me. But fitness extends to all parts of your life, including your finances. And when it comes to being financially fit, getting life insurance is key.”

Life Happens has created dozens of ways to get this message out, first through a wide range of resources that feature Danica, including videos, flyers, social-media graphics, a Q&A that can even be used as a “news article,” and more.

Plus, we have “generic” financial fitness resource, with no mention of a spokesperson, including flyers that are targeted to different demographics, plus social-media stats, graphics, inspirational quotes and more.


Social Media Calendar - LIAM 2017
Flyer: Danica Patrick, It's Time to Get Financially Fit
Flyer: 4 Myths Regarding Life Insurance (Young Families)
Flyer: 5 Steps to a More Financially Secure Future (Young Families)
Flyer: Are you financially fit? (Young families)
Flyer: Are you financially fit? (Starting out)
Flyer: Are you financially fit? (Retirement)
Flyer: Life Happens in a heartbeat. (Retirement)
Flyer: Life Happens in a heartbeat. (Baby)
Guide: 5 Proven Ways to Reach Stuck Consumers
Guide: Getting Your Affairs in Order (Senior Market)
Guide: Life Insurance Needs Worksheet
Guide: Taking Care of Business
Guide: Think you No Longer Need Life Insurance (Senior Market)
Guide: What Happens to Your Business When You Die
Guide: What you Need to Know about Life Insurance
2017 Life Insurance Barometer Study
FAQ's About Life Insurance
Real Life Stories – The Gongos Family – a final life insurance gift for family and a business
Real Life Stories – The Snead Family – life insurance's living benefits
Real Life Stories – the Tang Family – Securing the American Dream
Real Life Stories – The Young Family – how a buy-sell policy helped save the family ranch

Other Resources

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