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Michelle Filler and Amy Curran from Aetna would like to show you how to complete their HRA for extra money and educate you on the benefits for the clients.

Karen McDaniel: Good morning everyone. Thanks for joining us today we are going to be, welcoming Amy Curran from Aetna. She's one of your broker managers.

Today she's going to be talking about Aetna, HRA.

Amy Curran: Thank you Karen and URL for having Aetna Medicare do a presentation on our HRA. This is a program that you complete once you do an online enrollment. So, first off, as Karen mentioned, I'm Amy Curran. I'm from Aetna Medicare.

I'm the broker manager, within Central Pennsylvania. We also have Michelle Filler, who is the broker manager also in central Pennsylvania. Then, we have Tonys Miller. She just recently joined our team. She is the broker manager for the Lehigh Valley area. I am going to be doing the webinar today and, if you're logging in and listening to it on demand, thank you.

I just wanted to get together and bring up our HRA, to our agents. I just recently learned that if you complete an enrollment through URL and Aetna Medicare enrollment through URL system. You submit it for Aetna Medicare, and they are new to Aetna Medicare, so it's not a plan change.

They're with a previous carrier or aging in, and you submit the enrollment through URL's enrollment platform. Then you hit submit. It will then link you into our think agent platform and then you can complete the HRA. HRA is a health risk assessment and I just want to go over that process with you, so you know how to do it.

It's really nice because once you complete an HRA, it gives you some extra money. So if you do complete the HRA after your enrollments, either through Think Agent or through URL's enrollment platform. Then you will put some extra money into your pockets.

This guide does explain how and when you can submit the HRA with Think Agent. So Think Agent is Aetna Medicare's enrollment tool. If you do an online enrollment through URLs enrollment site, it will then link you directly into Think Agent to complete the HRA with us.

This presentation doesn't demonstrate the assessment itself, nor will it address any specific questions from the assessment, what to fill in as answers, et cetera. It's just a guide to how to access the HRA. So again, it's a health risk assessment. It's basically after you do the enrollment, you're going to get a health risk questionnaire and it answers questions.

You answer some questions from your clients, submit it to us, and it helps us communicate with the new member. Give them the information that they need to keep them healthy, to keep them happy within Aetna Medicare. For HRA payment feedback on HRA questions or to learn more about what the HRA is. Please contact your broker manager.

I'm gonna give you some background on the HRA as we go and as we talk. Again, if you do have other questions, please reach out to your broker manager, we can assist you. So, to begin the HRA, you must complete an enrollment, with Think Agent.

It will work with the URL enrollment platform as well. So, if you do an online enrollment online or offline, now that's through Think Agent and you submit the application. After you submit the application, then the HRA will automatically come up for you to complete.

It's just health questions that you answer with your clients and then you submit to Aetna Medicare. Just a reminder that it is for new to Aetna Medicare enrollments. So, either somebody's coming from another carrier, or if they're aging in. Or brand new to an advanced plan or an advantage plan that will work.

So it doesn't work with plan changes, just want to remind you of that. So, once you submit the application, you choose either of two available signature options. At the end of the application, you sign and submit, or you send for e-signature. Once you do that, the HRA will present immediately after choosing either of those signature options, and it is available to begin for one hour only following the beneficiary signature on the enrollment.

So one hour only following. The beneficiary signature and submission on the enrollments. So again, it is only available for one hour. If you don't have time to do it and you go back in after an hour, it, you won't be able to complete your HRA. So that's important.

An agent cannot begin the HRA by any other means. If you do a paper enrollment, you can't then begin the HRA and Think Agent. So it doesn't work with a paper enrollment. You cannot begin the HRA by clicking HRA on the Think Agent Homepage because you need to apply. Like I said, either through Think Agent or through URL's platform, and then it will then link you to the Think Agent HRA.

You cannot begin an HRA exit or cancel the HRA, then resume the same HRA. It has to be done all within that one-hour timeframe that you have from submission of the application. And we cannot extend the one-hour time for you to begin the HRA for a past enrollment.

If you're just learning this, wonderful. Opportunity that we have for our agents to make additional money by doing the HRA. You're like, well, I have these five enrollments that I submitted a week ago. I want to go do the HRA for these folks. You cannot do that. So, it's going forward. Start using HRA and make some extra money. After choosing to sign and submit on a think agent face-to-face or telephonic enrollment, the option to start HRA will present on the enrollment confirmation screen. I'm assuming it would work the same on URL's platform.

You hit submit, and then you should then be able to see even on URL's platform, the start, HRA option. I did confirm this with the Think Agent team because I had some questions on it, but the platform that HRA uses is compatible with the HRA Think Agent. So, it should automatically take you onto the Think Agent side of things.

You can complete the HRA, then you would submit your application. You would then start the HRA. Remember, you only have one hour to complete that HRA after you do start HRA, that's the only timeframe that you have. So if you were to exit from the confirmation screen without having chosen start HRA, you can still access the HRA within one hour of the beneficiary signature from your my enrollment component and Think Agents.

To do so from your sales dashboard in Think Agent, you would want to click my enrollments, and then click the row of the enrollment you just completed. This is through Think agent. This probably wouldn't be compatible with the URLs platform. It would be if you do sign and submit and then immediately start your HRA.

If you do enrollments through Think Agent, you do still have that HRA within one hour. You can then go back within that one-hour time and go into my enrollments and find the enrollment that you just did. Click start HRA within that one-hour time. What if I cancel or exit the HRA?

There are a few ways by which you may exit the HRA before completing and submitting. So, you’re thinking agent session may have timed out before beginning the HRA. You may click cancel on a started HRA, or you may choose to exit the Think Agent or HRA screen in the events any of these occur.

You may begin a new HRA from your My Enrollments component if the one-hour period has not passed since you submitted the application or the signature. If you want to go back, you will need to make sure you go into My Enrollments on Think Agents and then click the starter HRA. It must be within that one-hour time period.

A canceled or previous HRA cannot be reviewed or resumed, and only one HRA can be completed per think agent enrollment. So, make sure that you do it within that one-hour time period. If you cancel it out, we can't go back in and review it.

Through Think Agent there is the HRA dashboard through Think agent. It's on the home screen and you would click on HRA, and this will show you all of that you've done. It's just a high-level summary for the agent. The dashboard does illustrate each HRA, the agent has started or completed, as well as the HRA payment status by month.

So it will give you some information on the payments of HRA that you're due or that are coming, or that I've already paid. Users may experience some delay from actual HRA payment date and reflection in the dashboard. It's not real time data as far as payment goes, but it will give you some information.

It's color coded. There's like a turquoise that says not paid. Blue will show paid. The orange color is not processed. It will also give you the total HRA that you've done. if you've canceled any outs, it will also tell you how many of them as well.

There is the HRA dashboard that will tell you, give you more information on the HRA. It's a health risk assessment. Once you apply, it will then allow you to complete an HRA. You have a one-hour time period and it is for people that are new to, the Aetna Medicare plan.

You can make additional money. I knew it was going to be a very short presentation just to kind of give you an overview of the HRA and how to get it and complete it. If you need additional training in the HRA, reach out to your broker manager. They can assist you.

So we also do have a handout. You should be able to download it under handouts. This goes over the HRA, it tells you what it is. So it is a health risk assessment as I mentioned.

Health helps us gather health related information on Aetna Medicare enrollees. Keep them healthy and happy with their plan and the services that they need.

What's nice about our HRA is once you do complete it, you can earn a $70 administration fee for completing the HRA with MAMAPD enrollments. If you complete a DSNF enrollment, and this is available in the state of Pennsylvania, you can get a $110 administration fee for completing the HRI with eligible DSNP enrollments.

So you do get some additional money, so that's really nice. If you do complete through the online enrollment tool. Again, it is new to Aetna Medicare enrollment. So from a competitor or somebody that's brand new to, an advantage plan as well, it's just not good for plan changes.

So somebody that's already within the company and they want to do a plan change, $70, you get an additional $70 administration fee for the MAMAPD enrollments. You can earn 110 administration fees for eligible DSNP enrollments as well. Then you can see the payments, like I said, there is a dashboard in Think Agent for HRA.

You can click on that to see what's been paid out, what hasn't been paid out, and you will receive them as part of your regular commission payments. So, the administration fee will be paid to the same entity that is listed on your Aetna contract, and your payment will be included on your commission statement available through Producer Worlds.

If you do have access to commission statements through producer Worlds. So it is a really great opportunity to not only help your clients, but also to earn extra money. This flyer is available. You can either do the HRA or you can decline it so the client can opt out of it if they want to.

If you decline it, you just won't earn that additional administration fee money. There is also on this flyer, if you do have questions about the HRA administration fee payments, there is an email address right there. If there's somebody that you haven't been paid on or you just have some questions on it, you can reach out to that email address right there or the broker services department.

It's a great way to help you earn some additional money as well as help your client get them everything that they need whenever they do become an Aetna Medicare member.

Again, if you do have questions on it, reach out to your broker manager. We have other information on it. We might even have some additional training on it as well. So just know that it is available. From my understanding and the research if you do an enrollment through URL's enrollment platform and you submit it, it should link you then to Think Agent to do the HRA.

It's something that I've been working on and something that I recently learned. So again, that's why I wanted to bring it to you, our agents.

Thank you all for allowing us to come on and talk about HRAS.

Thanks Amy. So we do have one question that came in. Carla wanted to know; can you complete an HRA if you use a different enrollment platform? It depends. URL's enrollment platform.

Connector. We are partners with that platform connector. There are other agencies out there or there's other FOS out there that might use connectors, that are compatible with them. I know that there's one other carrier that is not compatible with our FMO. It would depend on which one you're asking about Carla and, we can certainly take that offline and investigate it for you. Not all of them use the platforms that are compatible with us.

So there's a few other platforms that don't work with it yet. So it would all depend on the system that you're using. I do know it is obviously directly available through Think Agent and then through URL's platform as well since they use Connector.

Thank you so much. Have a good day.

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