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Join Amy Curran as she discusses the extra benefits and the cards that members receive when they choose an Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan.

Karen McDaniel: Hi. Good morning everyone. Thanks for joining us today. I'm Karen McDaniel.

I am director of Compliance here at URL Insurance Group. I am filling in for Christy Wilbert today. I'm just gonna be a, quick, introduction to Amy Curran. Who is your Aetna broker manager for some of you. She's gonna be going over some of the great, extra benefits that the Aetna MAPD plans offer for 2023. Really quick before Amy, gets started. On the right hand side,there is a Q&A box. If you go ahead and click on the top where it says there's a chat, there's Q&A, there's polls, there's handouts. Click on the Q&A, and if you have any questions, just type your questions in there. If we have time at the end of the webinar, we can go ahead and get those answered.

I don't believe Amy has any polls going on today, so you won't need that. But then on the fourth tab, there's a handouts tab and that's, any of the extra things that Amy could be discussing during today's webinar. So with that, I'm gonna go and hand it over to Amy.

Amy Curran: All right. Thank you Karen. I'm excited to be back with URL for another webinar.

We are doing different series with URL on different topics that we have with Aetna Medicare. So today we are going to be looking at the nation's benefits program. This is a flex card that you will see on some of our plans, and I'm gonna go into details on how that works. We've been getting a lot of questions on it.

Amy Curran: I've been having a lot of trainings on it. So I wanted to bring it to you to, better educate you. So then you can in turn, take that information to your clients and help them with any questions. Also with your selling needs as you're going out into the fields. So we are gonna focus, like I said, on Nation's benefits today.

I will say, just a quick plug. We do have a vendor showcase next week, February 14th. I believe that starts at 9:00 AM or 9:30 AM. If you aren't already signed up for it, I highly recommend it. It will go over all of our extra benefits for 2023. Many different vendors, nations hearing, dental, OTC.

So a really good webinar to tune into. If you need more information on that, please reach out to your broker manager and they can get you, additional information. There is also a webinar specific to dental at the end of February. If you would need more information on that, please reach out to your broker manager and they can assist you.

So just wanted to mention that before I start this presentation. So let's look at the nation's benefits, flex card program overview. We're gonna look at, what it is, we're gonna look at how a member utilizes these cards. It's actually just one card, but how they utilize this card.

What they get with this card, how they receive this card, and then also answer any of your questions. I have some frequently asked questions and answers as well. All right, so let's go into the flex card solution overview. So Aetna Medicare for 2023 partnered with Nations benefits.

So when you hear nations, that means it is our flex card, our extra benefits card. You'll see what it looks like right there on your screen. On the right hand side, it is the Aetna Medicare Extra benefits card that some members will get. And I'll go over all of the plans that utilize this. This enables members to pay for things like healthy foods, groceries, utilities.

So that does include your gas, electric. garbage, water, and then also, your cell phone or internet bill. It also will include transportation on this card, so you can use that and I will go into greater detail.If you wanna use an Uber, if you want to use Lyft, if you want to use this card to buy gas at a gas pump, you can also use this.

So really nice flexible program. If you want to, like I said, pay for gas, but it does need to be at a gas pump. You can't actually go into the gas station and pay for your gas with this card. It has to be used at the gas pump.So it isn't a specific network for, gas if you use this card, via the transportation, at a gas station for your gas.

Also there is another bucket that you can use for OTC expenses as well. And again, so this is specifically, this side of things is specifically to the DSNP plan in, central Pennsylvania. So the DSNP members will get this extra benefits card and they can use it towards healthy foods, utilities, transportation, which does include gas and then OTC expenses.

Amy Curran: For the DSNP on this card, they get $360 on one purse quarterly, towards those items that you see on your screen. I will show you the member portal that they can access, how much money they've used, what they have left over. They can also do a search for eligible items as well, through nation's benefits.

So Nations, we have one card for DSNP and that, like I said, will include your groceries, which is healthy foods, utilities, transportation, and OTC. So that is one card, and that is for DSNP members only. So they will get this card and they can use those four things on this card.

Amy Curran: And it's $360 for central Pennsylvania. The DSNP $360 in this area quarterly to use towards those items. Now where there gets to be a little bit of confusion, and that's why I wanted to do this webinar today. You will see right there on your screen some other plans that offer a nation's extra benefits card for healthy foods only.

One that I wanna point out is the Aetna Medicare Eagle Advance Your Eagle HMO Plan. This is our MA only plan. This plan, if somebody is eligible and they are on that plan, they will also get an extra benefits card for healthy foods only. They do need to have a qualifying, chronic condition to be eligible for this card.

I have a really nice flyer under the flyers tab, and it's the Aetna Flex insert package, the SSBCI. Also, there's an extra benefits card broker flyer that lists all of the conditions that one would need. Especially, on these plans as I mentioned right here.

Also on the Aetna Medicare Adventure Eagle, HMO plan. So not everyone on that plan will get this card, but there is a listing. They must have a chronic condition, and I'll give you more information on that here shortly. There is also plans that eligible members are eligible to get, the extra benefits card for healthy foods if they have a condition of chronic CHF.

That is, affecting the heart. So if they have a condition of CHF, they would be eligible to also get the Healthy Foods card. And you can see the plans there that are eligible, under that condition. Okay. So it gets a little confusing. So just think of it. There are three different areas that get this extra benefits card.

DSNP members, they will, they will get one and they can use it towards groceries, utilities, transportation, and OTC. They get a card. If certain people have certain conditions and they are on one of the plans that are listed on the screen, they would also get an extra benefits card through nations. That is for healthy foods only.

Amy Curran: The groceries and the healthy foods only is network based. So the grocery store does need to be in our network. We are expanding the network, so if you ever run across a grocery store that's not in the network, you can reach out to me. Chances are they have been nominated and hopefully they will be added to the, participating retailers soon.

And there is a list of the retailers that are participating out on producer world, or you can also ask your broker manager for it. So hopefully that, better answers your question of what this card is, and who gets this card. So let's look at the member journey. Aetna members will receive their benefits card in the mail, so they'll wanna make sure that they look for this envelope right here.

It's a basic white envelope. They will get a card in there. They will also get, a benefit insert. So let them know where they can go, the, member website to find out all of the information. And then also they will need to activate their card. This is very important.

So there will be a sticker on there, that they do need to activate the card prior to using it. So that is what the custom card will look like. I always like to show agents what the members will be receiving so they can be on the lookout, when their mail is coming.I believe it's seven to 14 days after they become a member. That's when they should be looking out for that card in the mail. So members will be required, as I mentioned, to register prior to the card usage. They will have to go to, this website and then they can click register.

They'll just input all of their information. Once they are registered, they'll be able to log in to their member portal using, their member ID. So that's important. So they'll use their member ID and a password as well. So that will give them access to the website to view all of the necessary information that they need to find out about this card.

Amy Curran: It will tell them how much they've spent, how much they,have still available for the quarter. Eligible items as well. They can also look up stores that participate too, in the healthy foods section for groceries. Here is basically what the website will look like.

There is a wallet view. Like I said, it's just a running tab of what they have available to spend. There is a listing of OTC products. So if you do have this plan, with the DSNP and they use this purse, $360 in there for their OTC products. It will list out, approved CMS OTC products.

Amy Curran: They can also get them in the stores as well, so they're not just limited with the DSNP. They're not limited to the CVS stores. There's also other stores participating, and I do have a listing of that. There's also recommendations. So if they have a specific chronic condition, there is a listing out there that tells them things that might be able to help them, in their health journey. And what they can use to, buy things with this card.

So that's basically what the member website would look like. As I mentioned, they do need to activate their card, so they would receive it in the mail. Then they can register using their card, and also the personal information.They don't have to do it all online.

There, is also a toll-free number that I'll give you at the end of the presentation to activate their card. We realize that, not all members use a computer. So there is also, a way to call in and activate their card. Once it's activated, the member can use their card at participating retailers.

Amy Curran: So again, it's a specific list. We do have participating retailers for grocery stores for your healthy foods. OTC items. As far as transportation, if somebody wants to use this card to get gasoline they can go to any gas pump and they need to use it at the gas pump. I've gotten a lot of questions on that one, so one of the reasons I keep repeating myself and bringing up the gas situation. I know that's a popular one with this card, if you are a DSNP member.

So next up is the member services. So if somebody does have questions or you know their card isn't working for whatever reason, they can go to the website. The website is right there on your screen. members.nationsbenefits.com/aetna, there is also a toll free number, the TOLLFREE number.

I don't believe that number right there is correct. It is on one of these flyers, which I'll share at the end of the presentation. You can also download them right now, and the phone number is right there for you.

Amy Curran: It is on the flyer, and I'll point it out to you as I bring up the flyers at the end of the presentation. The member Experience advisors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So there is always somebody to help them if they do have questions. They would be reaching out to nations, so it's not directly to Aetna Medicare.

They would be reaching out to the company, nations benefits to help answer their questions. So there is member services for that. So I've been talking about, what you can do with this card and how you can use it. I do have, some more extensive things on it. Nations benefits understands that members are consumers, so they, want to make sure that they're there for them. To order what they need and, get the most out of this benefit.

They can order online, they can order through the phone. They also can do mail order as well. and then they have that specific card that they can use. It is a credit card. It is not a debit card. This is another question that I get a lot. This card that they will receive is a credit card.

Amy Curran: So there is no pin with this card. I get, this question a lot. People say, well, I'm trying to use it and it's asking for a pin. Bypass the pin, because it is not a debit card and there is no pin with it. They need to put the card in the chip reader and take it out quickly. So that's how that works at the gas station. So again, this card is credit only. So it will not have a pin.

So for OTC items, there is a robust formulary that includes hundreds of quality, brand name, and generic products, for OTC items. So they will also receive an OTC. Now, this is for the DSNP plan only. Is where you can use this card for, OTC items. They will receive a catalog in the mail. They can also get them in the store.

So the DSNP plan, if you do sell this plan, it has its own OTC catalog versus the other regular plans. So, they will get a catalog, they can use it towards OTC items on the DSNP plan only. So it is a catalog, as I mentioned, but they can go in store, they can order online over the phone.

If they do go in store, they would want to show their nation's credit card, as I mentioned. If they do order, their OTC items, instore, they would want to use that card on the DSNP plan. So again, the catalog for DSNP OTC, you will see it says Nations on it and that is for DSNP only.

There is an OTC catalog for our regular products that is outside of this card. If you do have questions on that, definitely reach out to your broker manager. They can get you all of the information, that you're looking for, or if you have any questions.

The grocery benefit. So if you remember from the beginning of the presentation on the DSNP plan, they can get healthy foods with this card as well. Don't forget on some of our regular plans or our other plans, they are eligible for healthy foods only with this card on some of our other plans.

Amy Curran: And that listing is in the beginning of the presentation. So, with that card, they can get healthy foods. There is a number on these cards or on these items, so they know that if it's a filtered spend skew, so they'll know that if it's an eligible item.

It's not like they can go into the grocery store and, get some alcohol, cigarettes and chips if they wanted to. It's gonna flag that. So it's set up in the system as a way that, it knows that it's fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products. It will know what is approved and not approved.

These members can also go to that website, the member website, to look up if something is approved on the grocery benefits. So that is for, healthy foods. SKU blocking ensures that members are only able to purchase approved products. We do have an approved list already in the system.

and then again, members will be able to see the remaining balance and their previous transactions. so they'll be able to see how much they have leftover, for that quarter. So grocery benefit healthy foods, on certain select plans for people with chronic conditions, or CHF, and the DSNPlan.

Amy Curran: The grocery benefit is a network of groceries. They have to be a participating, grocery store or convenience store. That listing, is on producer worlds, we also have a listing that your broker manager can send to you. So the grocery benefit, as I mentioned, is a participant. They can't just go to any grocery store. They would need to be participating with the nation's network.

Transportation and utilities benefit. So transportation, would be included on the DSNP plan. Select Aetna members, so that would be DSNP members will have the flexibility to use their flex card towards eligible utility and transportation expenses. It is one purse of $360 on the DSNP plan for Central Pennsylvania, and this is that Nation's extra benefits card.

Amy Curran: So for transportation, they can use it towards, taxi cabs, Uber, Lyft. One of the more popular things to use this card with is the gas. So again, just reminder they can go to any gas pump and pay for their gas. It would be used as a credit card.

It, there is no pin. They cannot go into the store to purchase, their gas. So it wouldn't be, you know, prepay. It has to be prepay at the pump with this card. Also utilities, they can also use it towards utilities. Electric, gas, heating oil, water cable. Their telecommunication services, for their cell phone or if they still have a house phone. Computer network as well.

So many different items that individuals can use this card for. A lot of flexibility with this card. You might hear it referred to as a flex card, but,the savings to their budget comes in many ways. So if they use $360 for utilities and gas instead of food, we're still helping them save $360 in their budget, you know, to buy food anywhere they want.

As I mentioned, many different ways to use this card, especially on the DSNP plan.

Both transportation and utility purchases will be pulled from the flex allowance if it is eligible. They can track everything that they're spending online, on the website, or if they have questions, they can also call into that member services number. Balance tracking, they can go online. They can also, call the tool fee number on the back of their nation's card to find out what their remaining balance is. Or there is also Nation's benefit app that they can, you know, download on their phone if they're able to do that. Able to easily check, how much they have and what they've spent their money on for the quarter.

Amy Curran: So our distribution centers are strategically dispersed across the United States to make sure that all of the members are getting things quickly. So if they do order, say, OTC items online or grocery items online, they have come to expect, it is a two day delivery guarantee. So all products listed on the Nation's benefits website, are approved items and available for purchase.

So you don't have to go in store. You can order things online, for your healthy foods, your groceries, as well as your OTC items. There's five different distribution facilities. most. Most likely everyone on this call we're focusing on the Pittsburgh Distribution Center. There's others, but probably most of our items for our members will be coming from the Pittsburgh location to, meet that two day delivery guarantee.

There are no shipping costs, for the members. If they do choose to order it online or over the phone. That would be for your healthy foods, as well as your OTC items if you choose to use this nation's extra benefits card for those items. So there is a retail network, where members can use their card.

Amy Curran: Now, this would be for healthy foods as well as, the OTC items. Cashier and retailer staffs are familiar with the MasterCard logo, as you see, it is a MasterCard. They know how to process the transactions. So these are some of the participating Providers. You can find an updated list on producer world for the updated retailers.

If they have OTC on their benefit card, most likely just with, the DSNP plan. They don't have to just stick to CVS. If they wanna order items or, go to a store, they can also go to Walmart. So that is where also you can get your healthy foods, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and then some independent retailers are out there.

So members can scan for eligible items through their mobile app or by calling nation's benefits to see if something is eligible. No pin is needed for this card.

Amy Curran: So Nations benefits offers multiple ways for members to check and track eligible items. I think we all know that now there's a member portal, they can scan through my Benefits app. On the My Benefits app there is a feature called Product Eligibility Search. Members can use the barcode scanner and search for eligible items.

So if they're in a store and they're not sure if something's eligible, they can scan it with their phone and it will come up to, let them know if something's eligible. They can also call customer service if they have any questions. They're also always there to, assist the member as well.

Some questions I might have mentioned these as I was going through the presentation. How long does it take for a member to receive their card in the mail? So cards will arrive them in the mail 7 to 10 days after the initial record is received. They need to become a member with Aetna Medicare. Then we would send the eligibility file to Nations and would then receive their card 7 to 10 days after that initial record is received. So if a member misplaces their card, they can request a replacement card either over the phone or through the member portal.

If they say they haven't received it, it does again come in a white envelope. If they threw it out, if they again misplaced it, they can call in and request one. So when a member is ready to check out, now this says they can run it as a debit, it should be run as a credit card.

You would forgo entering a pin. So these members do not enter a pin, because, they would want to run it as credit.

Amy Curran: Let me share my screen. Hopefully you can see the flyers. This flyer is really nice. It really explains the extra benefits card, really easily for you to understand.

I know I went over a lot of information with you, in a short amount of time. Hopefully it wasn't too confusing. Many different pieces with this card. If you do still have questions, you know, reach out to your broker manager. So this explains what all you can use with that Nation's extra benefits card.

Here is the phone number, as I mentioned. this updated phone number is not on the slides that I have shown to you. So the Nation's benefits member services number is 8772041817. So if you don't have this flyer, I believe you can download it right here on your screen on this portal, from URL.

Amy Curran: Or if you do need it, reach out to your broker manager. It also goes over what you can use for utilities, transportation, just some other details. It tells you about the quarterly, so it's on the first day of each quarter. This is where, as I mentioned on some of our plans, you can get this card for healthy foods only, but you must have a chronic condition.

So, this list, the chronic conditions out, members can also self attest. We do use claims data to, confirm if somebody is eligible with this chronic condition. On some of our plans, it is a congestive heart failure, value-based insurance design.

Some of our plans, you must be CHF and you agree to participate in the Healthy Heart Partnership Program. Care management program with extra benefits designed to help man manage their CHF. and that is on some of our plans as well. This will list out all of the plans that is eligible for this card. So it will tell you on the Silver HMO, POS plan, the number. These individuals, need to have a chronic condition. So that is, SSBCI is your indicator there.

It will tell you how much it is and it's for healthy foods. This one says the Aetna Medicare Premier Plus Plan is the CHF. So the Healthy Heart Program, it tells you the amount and for healthy foods.

Amy Curran: Really nice flyer to look at if you do have additional questions. It really summarizes what I went over in the presentation. There is also one, that is specifically for the chronic condition extra benefits card. This is another nice one that I just found online that, would also be beneficial to have in your, packet of information when you're going to meet with members.

So this is the chronic condition one. There is also one specific to the congestive heart failure. If a member is enrolled in the Healthy Heart Partnership Program and for those plans they are eligible for the, nation's Extra benefits card. I really recommend you looking at these flyers.

I know I went over a lot of information and it can be confusing. You know, this card, it does give members a lot of flexibility, especially the DSNP members, to use money towards really good items to help these individuals.

I hope you found this helpful. I know I went through this quickly. If you do have questions, please reach out to your broker manager. Karen, are there any questions? No questions.

Karen McDaniel:

Amy Curran: So hopefully everybody understands this and it's super clear.

So if you do want more information, there is going to be a speaker from Nations on that February 14th webinar. The vendor showcase that will specifically focus on the nations. A lot of this will be reviewed. I kind of gave you a little bit of a taste of this card. If you think of other questions or you wanna hear it again, please log into the vendor showcase on February 14th. You can get even more questions answered there. Thank you for joining me today and if you do have questions, if you need anything, please reach out to your broker manager or URL and we would be more than happy to assist you. So thanks again. Have a great day guys. Bye.

Karen McDaniel: Thanks, Amy.

Amy Curran: Thank you. Bye-bye.

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